‘Snowdrop,’ Korean drama featuring Blackpink member, to premiere on Disney Plus in 10 days

Image via Disney Plus

Korean drama Snowdrop is coming to Disney Plus next month, starring Tune in for Love actor Jung Hae-in and Blackpink member Jisoo.

The 16-part original series will be a period piece, exploring the forbidden love between a young couple trapped in a time of political turmoil, according to a press release from Disney.

The plot of the show centers around a young woman that will go against her better judgment to hide a blood-soaked man from his attackers after he suddenly bursts into the women’s dormitory at a university in Seoul. The woman, Jisoo’s Eun Yeong-ro, will risk being expelled to keep the man out of view from the public’s eye and tend to his wounds. But the man has a harrowing secret of his own that could threaten Yeong-ro’s friends and family. In order to overcome these obstacles, the two young lovers will have to work together.

Snowdrop writer Yoo Hyun-mi and director Jo Hyun-tak previously helmed the 2018 thriller Sky Castle.

“Snowdrop is a heart-warming fictional melodrama about a young couple in love, and as the story unfolds, find themselves enduring an unbearable pain that one rarely encounters in a lifetime,” Jo said in a prepared statement. “I hope global audiences find this heartfelt series also gripping and suspenseful as the two come to face their fate.”

The series was previously released in Asia-Pacific regions, having become one of the top five most-watched titles in the majority of those markets on Disney Plus in its first five weeks on the service.

Watch Snowdrop when it hits Disney Plus Feb. 9.

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