Sony Reportedly Developing Ghostbusters TV Show For Streaming


Before it turned out to be one of the most divisive blockbusters in recent memory, one that sparked a massive wave of backlash that saw it downvoted into oblivion across the web months before it was even released into theaters, Sony were so confident that Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot would be a success that they launched an entire production company with the sole purpose of expanding the universe.

Ghost Corps was formed in March 2015, over a year before Feig’s movie underperformed at the box office and sparked the ire of a million trolls, and over the last four years they’ve delivered absolutely nothing apart from a remastered version of the 2009 Ghostbusters video game. In fact, the next project on the docket is Jason Reitman’s Afterlife, which was delayed significantly and will hopefully act as the direct sequel to the first two installments that fans have been waiting for since 1989 when it arrives on June 11th, 2021.

At one stage, Ghost Corps were working on an animated series called Ghostbusters: Ecto Force that would have been set in 2050, but the show was placed on hold in order to focus on a feature-length animation instead, neither of which have been seen or heard from for over three years, while Dan Akroyd was also said to be writing prequel Ghostbusters High, a project that follows Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman meeting as teenagers.

For the most part, then, Ghost Corps has been a busted flush, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Sony are developing an episodic series for streaming, although he offers no further details on what to expect. You can’t fault the studio for trying to justify their investment, though, and with all signs pointing to Afterlife turning out to be a big hit, the Ghostbusters franchise looks to be far from over.