Spawn Animated Show Reportedly Back On Track At HBO


Aside from leading man Jamie Foxx confirming earlier this year that he was still attached to the film, almost all of the talk surrounding the long-gestating Spawn reboot has been from creator Todd McFarlane. And having spent so long trapped in development hell, it’s hard to blame him for trying to keep the latest big screen adaptation at the front of people’s minds. Unfortunately, though, most of what we’ve been hearing has seemingly been nothing but hot air.

For instance, a few times now McFarlane has teased big news and exciting additions to the cast without anything actually materializing. And while COVID-19 has no doubt thrown up yet another major hurdle for an already struggling project, fans are beginning to get both a bit frustrated and skeptical that the movie will ever happen.

Still, Jason Blum has confirmed that Spawn remains a priority for Blumhouse, and we also know that McFarlane is working on a new animated show for the character as well. Unfortunately, that, too, has been having difficulties in getting off the ground and it’s been some time since we’ve had any concrete updates on it. But according to insider Daniel Richtman, it’s back on track at HBO now.

The tipster doesn’t share much else besides that brief status report, but it’s safe to assume that this means the project’s in active development and might even be moving quicker than the feature film. In any case, folks are certainly eager for more of Spawn, no matter what form his next appearance takes, and with any luck, things will start coming together for both of these planned adaptations.

Tell us, though, are you excited about a new animated series for the character? As always, let us know down below.