Tom Holland May’ve Teased A Possible Spider-Man TV Series


Did Tom Holland just drop another massive spoiler? When will that cheeky little bugger ever learn? This time, it might not be Avengers-related, but the Spider-Man star has now hinted that a television show featuring the beloved hero might be on the way.

In GQ’s latest installment in their web series Actually Me, Holland browsed the internet and answered some fan questions. From YouTube to Instagram, he responded to inquiries and cleared up false rumors. He also dropped what could be either really big hints or the start of even more rumors as at one point, a fan exclaimed that they hope one day Holland will have his own TV show. His response?

“Well, you might not have to wait that long.”

Why the internet isn’t on fire right now, I’m not sure. Assuming he wasn’t just yanking our collective chains, this raises quite a few questions. For one, will we be getting a Spider-Man series thanks to the current Sony/Disney mess? Or, will it be something without arachnids? The dude has massive talent and a bright future, not to mention an endless source of energy, which is something also covered in the GQ video. Honestly, he could star in a Battlefield Earth television series and kill it.

Thanks to the split between Sony and Disney, Spider-Man’s future isn’t so much in the air, but his future in the MCU is. Holland has confirmed he’ll continue playing the web-slinger for Sony, so we’re still going to be getting our Spidey fix. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt to see more of Holland without his supersuit. Either way, a TV show featuring Tom Holland is certainly something we’d tune in for, be it Spider-Man-related or something else entirely.

Like we said above, this could just be the actor having fun with his fans, but we really hope not, as the world needs as much of Mr. Holland as it can get. As such, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for more news on this potential TV series to come our way in the near future.