Squid Game Creator Throws Shade At LeBron James While Teasing Sequel

Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has been rocketed to fame on the back of his mega hit Netflix series. One recent profile was an extremely entertaining interview in The Guardian, in which he dunked on the journalist’s dumb questions and threw some shade at LeBron James.

The basketball legend and Space Jam: A New Legacy star offered his opinion on the show and, after saying he was a fan, commented:

“I didn’t like the ending though. I know they start it off with a Season 2, but, like, get on the fucking flight and go see your daughter, bro. Like, what are you doing?”

Hwang hit back:

“Have you seen Space Jam 2?” LeBron James is cool and can say what he wants. I respect that. I’m very thankful he watched the whole series. But I wouldn’t change my ending. That’s my ending. If he has his own ending that would satisfy him, maybe he could make his own sequel. I’ll check it out and maybe send him a message saying, ‘I liked your whole show, except the ending.’”

Hwang was also pressed on whether a second season is coming, as the ending seems to set up a further story and a new series of games. He confirmed that there was talk, but that it’s not coming for a while yet:

“Of course there is talk. That’s inevitable because it’s been such a success. I am considering it. I have a very high-level picture in my mind, but I’m not going to work on it straight away. There’s a film I really want to make. I’m thinking about which to do first. I’m going to talk to Netflix.”

Other highlights of the interview are him laughing at the boneheaded question of whether putting out a show with an anti-capitalist message on Netflix is hypocritical (“Oh, the Guardian, asking profound questions!”) and his response to a query about the show presenting women as “sexualized commodities”.

Hwang wraps things up by saying he wants to use his newfound fame to get a new movie commissioned, but says he has a very good reason to return to his dystopian hit:

“It’s possible that I have to do season two to become as rich as Squid Game’s winner!”

Squid Game is streaming on Netflix.