Star of Netflix’s latest cancelation ‘1899’ addresses heartbroken fans

Photo via Netflix

The full saga of Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar’s transcontinental sci-fi/mystery adventure 1899 will go unfinished, with the showrunners confirming the series’ demise in an Instagram statement earlier today. 

While the show may have flown under a fair few radars, the news still left its devout fanbase devastated that there won’t be a continuation of the sleeper hit show as Friese and Odar intended. Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen, who played the role of Krester in the short-lived show, took to Twitter to share in the devastation and thank fans of the show: 

Tønnesen follows up on his photo in a thread by reiterating how heartbreaking the news was for the cast and crew and that he’s ‘sour as a mf’ about the show’s cancelation, also making a nod to the show itself in saying that perhaps matters could have panned out better for the show in a different simulation. 

1899 is set in its titular year, and follows a group of European migrants making their way across the ocean to start new lives in the United States, but things go awry after they discover another ship along their voyage which was thought to have disappeared.

The show was reviewed favorably by critics and audiences, with Rotten Tomatoes aggregating a score of 76 and 74 percent for those respective camps. The cancelation has got many fans incensed, or at the very least scratching their heads, considering 1899 took out the number one spot on the streaming service in a large chunk of its worldwide market during the week it debuted.