Star Trek Actors Pay Tribute To Deep Space Nine’s Aron Eisenberg


Today we learned the sad news that Aron Eisenberg has passed away at the age of 50. The actor was a beloved part of the Star Trek family for his role as Nog on Deep Space Nine. A recurring character appearing in 40 episodes, Nog was the first Ferengi to join Starfleet, and he wasn’t just popular with fans, either. Following his death, Star Trek stars from various different series have paid their respect to Eisenberg on social media.

Fans most recently got to see Eisenberg in the Ds9 documentary What We Left Behind, in which his passion for Trek was made clear. It was the documentary’s Twitter page that helped get the news out of the actor’s untimely passing as well, with the following Tweet:

Armin Shimmerman, who played Nog’s uncle Quark, also shared some emotional words about his former co-star, saying:

Another Ds9-er Nana Visitor, Kira Nerys on the series, also sent her love to his friends and family.

Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang counted him as a friend as well, writing:

As did Voyager’s Robert Picardo.

Wilson Cruz has only been a part of the Star Trek family since Discovery began in 2017, but he wrote that he was already aware of how much Eisenberg meant to his loved ones and fans.

The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes offered a few words of his own, too.

Original Enterprise captain William Shatner reacted with sorrow as well when informed of the tragic news by a fan.

Graphic designer Michael Okuda, who was a key player in the development of the 90s Trek shows, spoke about Eisenerg’s personal beliefs and outlook, which sound like they line up perfectly with Trek‘s own.

Eisenberg is survived by his wife Malissa Longo and their two sons. His cause of death has not yet been revealed, though he’s known to have had lifelong kidney problems, including two transplants.

It’s a say day for the Star Trek community today, but it’s heartening to know how much the actor was loved by all who knew him. RIP Aron Eisenberg, you’ll be missed.