Character Posters For CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery Gather The Crew


Star Trek: Discovery, the TV reboot incubating over at CBS, features a new ship populated with an entirely new and diverse crew, that much we know, but series creators Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman (The Mummy) have continually stressed that Discovery still bundles together all of the hallmarks that make Star Trek so special.

Whether it’s the pioneering spirit that inspires humans to go boldly where no one has gone before, not to mention the intoxicating sense of discovery that follows, or the multispecies cast at its heart, Star Trek has a long history of breaking boundaries with its progressive characters and multifaceted stories, and that’s a legacy Fuller and Kurtzman will hope to honor with the soon-to-be-released Discovery.

And so, following its presence at SDCC last month, a slew of Star Trek: Discovery character posters have beamed online to lend budding viewers a chance to get acquainted with the show’s core cast – both human and otherwise – ahead of its premiere in September. Check them out below.

On the topic of continuity, we know that Discovery actually takes place ten years before the adventure of Spock and Kirk, though series producer Akiva Goldsman has now confirmed that CBS’ sci-fi reboot is set in the same universe as Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and all of their small-screen peers.

For those not up to speed, CBS’ long-brewing revival will “follow the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself. The series will feature a new ship and new characters while embracing the same ideology and hope for the future that inspired a generation of dreamers and doers.”

Once earmarked for a premiere in January, when Discovery would have launched CBS’ All Access platform, the network’s small-screen Star Trek reboot will begin on September 24th. As we alluded to before, the show’s prolonged spell in production has meant that CBS has split Star Trek: Discovery into two, with the second batch of episodes set to air in January.