Star Trek Discovery Locates Trio Of Klingons


Casting is really beginning to heat up on the production of Star Trek Discovery, CBS’ live-action series that’s currently on course to premiere in 2017.

Two weeks ago, we brought you the news that Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp had enrolled for Discovery – the first all-new series in the Star Trek universe since Enterprise bowed off the airwaves in 2005 – and today, the network has locked down an additional three cast members: Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, and Mary Chieffo.

They’ll don the make-up and prosthetics to play Klingons in Discovery, the fan-favorite alien race that has long been a fixture of the Star Trek lore. First up, Obi (American Gods) will take point as T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader seeking to unite the various houses of his galactic species while Latif, best known for his performances across Penny Dreadful and Ordinary Lies, will serve as Kol, a commanding officer and protégé of T’Kuvma. Finally, Mary Chieffo has been beamed up to portray L’Rell, the battle deck commander of the Klingon ship.

While the search for a female lead continues – word is that CBS have cast the net for an African-American or Latina actress – Star Trek Discovery has also made room in its ranks for Michelle Yeoh, who agreed terms to play Starfleet captain Georgiou late last month.

There’s no mention of when fans can expect Star Trek Discovery to premiere on CBS All Access, but at least based on the progress made through casting, the network’s reboot is shaping up quite nicely. More information is expected to be shared in the coming weeks, including the identity of the show’s ‘Number One,’ so stay tuned.