Star Trek: Discovery Actor Says Spock Will Have A Juicy Storyline


Perhaps the biggest talking point going into season 2 of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery is the arrival of a new version of Spock. The beloved Vulcan is coming to the TOS prequel series, with Ethan Peck taking over the iconic role previously played by Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.

While holding a Q&A panel at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend, star Sonequa Martin-Green – who plays Lieutenant Michael Burnham – was asked what she thinks about her character having a close connection to Spock. The actress made clear that she loves this aspect of the part she plays and enjoys the strong link to the Trek mythology, saying:

“It’s incredible. I think it is genius to have us be set where we are, 10 years before TOS and to have Burnham be connected to that institution, which is the family of Sarek and Amanda and Spock. I am just so appreciative of it. It is so full. It is wrought with everything. I end up being two-degrees separated from Captain Pike and that is really interesting too, to be able to have that sort of connection to the canon. I really love that. One of the things we are doing on Star Trek: Discovery is being our own thing, but also keeping that connection with the canon and having that connective tissue. So, I really appreciate it, and it is juicy!”

We already know a little about this “juicy” plotline that’s in store for Spock in season 2. Showrunner Alex Kurtzman’s teased that the next run will attempt to bridge the gap between the more human version of the character seen in the original TOS pilot “The Cage” with the cool logician that we all know and love. Of course, other characters from “The Cage” will also appear in the form of Anson Mount’s Captain Christopher Pike and Rebecca Romijn’s Number One.

As for the addition of Ethan Peck himself to the cast, the rest of the Discovery crew are excited for fans to see him in action, as the group jokingly promised that he’s going to be easy on the eyes.

Doug Jones: And wait until you see Ethan Peck as Spock, okay!

Martin-Green: Yes!

Anson Mount: Hot Spock!

Anthony Rapp: Hot Spock-et!

Peck’s previously proven a popular choice for Spock as numerous Star Trek stars of past and present took to social media to congratulate him when he first landed the role, including Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam, who shared a snap of the actor meeting with the Nimoy clan, who’ve clearly given him their stamp of approval. It’ll still be a while yet before we see him in action for ourselves, but we’re certainly excited to find out what Peck brings to the iconic part when Star Trek: Discovery returns in early 2019.

Source: TrekMovie