Star Trek: Discovery Actor Says Fans Will Be Left Shaken By Season 2


Star Trek: Discovery will dig deeper into the wider Trek universe in its second season, that much we can confirm. Inhumans‘ Anson Mount is hopping aboard as the new captain, Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn is his first mate Number One and, most exciting of all, Ethan Peck’s joining the cast as Spock, the third actor to play the role of the iconic Vulcan.

But beyond that, it also sounds like the team have put together some truly emotional and heartbreaking moments for fans to feast on. Or at least, that’s according to star Sonequa Martin-Green. The actress was chatting to ET Canada on the red carpet recently and teased that viewers will be left “shook” by the events of season 2.

First, though, she touched on how the new run will deal with the aftermath of what’s already happened, saying:

I am excited about it. I don’t know how else to say it, I am just so excited about it. We’re working hard on it right now and I will just tell you, it is going to be really emotional. It is going to be really wrenching because we are going to be finally dealing with the aftermath of everything that happened in the war in season one. We are not at war anymore and now there is time to look at the mess that was left behind.

Following that, Martin-Green said that people are going to pretty shaken by what transpires, explaining:

Martin-Green: And, we are really going for it. I think people are going to be [makes surprised face] like that, “What does that mean?”

ET Canada Reporter: Shook?

SMG: Yeah, there you go, shook.

Though the actress is careful not to spill too much here, it’s clear that Discovery is undergoing something of a rebranding this season, after the show’s first run split viewers down the middle. As headed up by Bryan Fuller, the rookie season possessed a somewhat darker tone and rubbed folks the wrong way with its stretching of established canon. With Fuller stepping down due to creative differences with CBS, Alex Kurtzman’s taken over as sole showrunner and looks to be embracing the history of the franchise a lot more.

That’s no more evident than in the addition of Spock, who, as we said above, will be played by Ethan Peck. As Discovery is set 10 years prior to the events of TOS, though, Peck’s version of the character will be a little more human than the older Vulcan we know and love – more in line with his portrayal in the original 1966 pilot episode, “The Cage.”

Look for Star Trek: Discovery to beam onto CBS All-Access in early 2019.

Source: TrekMovie