Star Trek Fans Celebrate Picard Day Ahead Of Patrick Stewart’s Return


Patrick Stewart is currently filming his much-anticipated return to Starfleet in the upcoming Star Trek: Picard TV series, which will continue Jean-Luc Picard’s adventures 17 years after we last saw the former captain of the Enterprise -D in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis. This means that this year’s Captain Picard Day celebrations are even more vibrant than usual, with fans flocking to social media over the weekend to mark the special day.

Wait, the less enlightened among you may be thinking now, what’s Captain Picard Day? In The Next Generation episode “The Pegasus,” we learn that the children on board the Enterprise celebrate the day in honor of the esteemed captain every year. Based on the Stardate 47457.1, fans have worked out that the correct day for us celebrate the occasion is June 16th.

And so, while yesterday also happened to be Father’s Day, Trek lovers were more excited about it being Captain Picard Day.

If you need a reminder of the origins of the monumental holiday, this video has you covered:

And here’s a classic Captain Picard Day joke for you all:

There’s only one proper way to celebrate, though:

Some were wondering if this Captain Picard Day would bring us a new trailer for the Picard series.

We didn’t exactly get that, but we were gifted this special message from TNG‘s Jonathan Frakes, from the set of Picard – for which he’s directing a couple of episodes.

And finally, Captain Picard Day may now have passed, but remember to keep the spirit of it alive all year round!

Speaking of “Make it so,” recently made the ultimate supercut compiling every single time the catchphrase is uttered in The Next Generation. You can watch it here, but for those short of time, the total number of times “Make it so”‘ was said in the beloved Star Trek show is a whopping 86.

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