Awesome Star Trek Supercut Features Every Make It So Picard’s Ever Said


Patrick Stewart is returning to the Star Trek universe very soon in the upcoming Picard TV series. So, before the adventures of Jean-Luc Picard continue, let’s revisit the history of one of the most important facets of the character: his catchphrase. has compiled a supercut of every single time the phrase “Make it so” is uttered across Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can watch a 30-second snippet of the video in the tweet below and for those hardcore “Make it so” fans amongst you, the full 2:42 minute version can be viewed by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Including all the times the phrase was said by the rest of the Enterprise-D crew as well as Picard, “Make it so” is voiced a total of 86 times across the long-running series. You’d think Patrick Stewart might be sick of saying it by now, but something tells us those very special three words might make an appearance in Picard. 

Given what we know about the nature of the show, though, it seems unlikely that it’ll be used as frequently as on TNG. EP Alex Kurtzman has warned that Picard will be very different from the show that gave us the character in the first place. Described as a “psychological character study,” it’ll pick things up with Picard after life-altering events have seen him hand in his notice at Starfleet and retire to the family vineyard.

The first trailer teased that the incident that changed everything was when Picard led “the greatest rescue mission in history,” but presumably something went wrong. We’re pretty sure this rescue mission was to save the Romulan people after the destruction of Romulus (as seen in 2009’s Star Trek), but at the moment, we’ll just have to wait to learn more.