Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Photo Fuels Reunion Rumors


In the classic Simpsons episode “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie,” the show pokes fun at the original cast of the Enterprise getting on in years, teasing Star Trek XII: So Very Tired. Now, it looks like there’s a chance that the parody could come true, of a fashion, as fans are speculating that the recent reunion dinner featuring most of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew (except for Jonathan Frakes) might hint that they’ll be playing a part in the upcoming Captain Picard show.

Other than the fact that Picard’s back, we actually know very little about the content of the new series. The last time we saw this incarnation of the crew was in the terrible Star Trek: Nemesis, at the conclusion of which Data appeared to die (or did he?) and Riker was assigned the Captaincy of the USS Titan. Perhaps thinking that they might squeeze just one more film out of The Next Generation cast, it certainly didn’t feel like much of an ending, yet it’s (I think) the furthest into the future the franchise has gone.

So, where could they’ve ended up? Well, you’re going to have to age the characters a bit and explain what they’ve been up to. It’s a stretch to think that Picard would still be working, with most fans concluding that he’ll have gone into retirement and started running the family vineyard. If the writers can cook up a plausible scenario to get him back on the bridge of a starship, though – a situation that only Picard can solve – then surely it makes sense that he might request some of his former crew to assist.

It’s a tantalizing prospect for TNG fans. Nemesis was always considered a deeply underwhelming send-off for (in my opinion) the best Trek crew, so why not finally make amends while Star Trek is popular again. The only real sticking point is the name. Any takers for The Golden Generation?