Star Trek: Picard Star Says Season Two Has An Emphasis On Mental Health

Star Trek Picard Featured

Star Trek: Picard wasn’t a complete success, but I still enjoyed it. The highlights were the nostalgia-tickling reunion of Next Generation icons such as Riker, Troi, and Data, whose long history with Picard made for some moving scenes. Post-production is currently underway on the second season, which will feature John de Lancie as Q and Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan.

That may be all we get, though I’m holding out hope they’re keeping some appearances a surprise (bring back Worf already, sheesh).

The show will presumably pick up where we left off with Picard having been resurrected into a new synth body. This has divided fans, though the stipulation that it’s an exact copy of his original body should mean that they can simply brush it under the rug if they need to.

The teaser trailer also hints that we may be heading into an alternative timeline, as a new interview with star Isa Briones teases that we’ll see characters in a new light and that there’ll be a focus on their mental health. Speaking to TrekMovie, she said:

I would say that my favorite thing about it is that we’re seeing these characters in a new light. And there’s a big emphasis, I think, on mental health, for sure. We’re seeing these characters going through some hard moments and really leaning on each other and prioritizing their own mental health in order to save everyone else. And I think that’s a very relatable storyline and a storyline that we need right now.

Briones also hinted at Soji’s future arc, saying that it should continue to develop over the years:

All around we’ve got these amazing badass women in our show. And so being the young one, I really hope to see a mirroring kind of evolution that you would see in any young woman coming into her own, realizing she has a voice, realizing she can speak up for herself and speak up for others. So I would really love to see Soji continue on that path.

The second season of Star Trek: Picard has now been confirmed to air in February 2022 on Paramount Plus, but as yet we don’t have the exact date. Let’s hope we soon get a more substantial trailer that lays out the season’s over-arching arc.