Star Trek: Picard To Introduce Surprising New Character In Season 3

Star Trek Picard Featured

Star Trek: Picard‘s second season is currently in production and is expected to air early next year. Promotional material has indicated an adventure through an alternative timeline, likely instigated by John de Lancie’s Q. Precisely what this will consist of remains a mystery, though judging by the trailer our characters will inhabit their alt-universe selves as they figure out why they’re there.

But, buoyed up by the impressive viewing figures of the first season, there’s word they may shoot the third season imminently. That’s supported by an interesting story from The Illuminerdi that reports on a casting call for Season 3 for a surprising new character: Jean-Luc Picard’s son.

The character is named Henry and is in his early 20s, described as being “headstrong, independent, and charming”. It seems he’s going to be something of a social crusader, fighting against greed and cruelty in order to support those in need. All that puts him smack in the middle of some kind of galactic conspiracy, causing him to rethink his notions of the universe. Sounds like Picard’s son alright.

The casting says they’re looking for either an American or British accent for the part and while casting is still ongoing, they’re interested in The Politician and Hollywood‘s David Corenswet.

My thinking is that Henry could be one of the major sticking points of this new timeline. The first season showed Picard’s paternal side via Dahj and Soji, so finding himself with a grown child might make him wonder whether the ‘real’ timeline is worth returning to. As for who his mother is, I’m hoping it’s Dr. Beverly Crusher, as it’d be nice for her and Picard to have found happiness in at least one reality.

Let’s hope we get some further indications as the ad campaign for Picard season two picks up the pace, with new episodes airing on Paramount Plus in early 2022.