New Star Trek: Picard Trailer Teases Seven Of Nine’s Return


You’re probably aware that Captain Jean-Luc Picard is coming back to screens for Star Trek: Picard in a month’s time – and he’s bringing some old friends with him, too. But just in case you aren’t, CBS have released a new teaser (see below) showcasing the return of Jeri Ryan as former Star Trek: Voyager crew member Seven of Nine, whose last appearance in the franchise came in Voyager’s final episode back in 2001.

Of course, pulling characters from across the Star Trek universe’s different mini-franchises has well-established precedent. Spock meeting alternate universe Spock, Spock meeting Picard, Picard meeting Kirk and Kirk meeting God (slightly different). I’m not sure Ryan’s encounter with Picard is going to stimulate quite the same thrill some of those previous encounters have, but that’s by-the-by. The crossover is happening.

More familiar to fans of The Next Generation though will be Jonathan Frakes’ return as Commander Riker – a reunion that will definitely provoke a wholesome response. And then there’s also cameos from folks like Data and Deanna Troi to look forward to as well.

Right, that’s about all the useless trivia I can throw at you, trivia you’d already mined out of Wikipedia years ago. I did already say when Star Trek: Picard’s airdate was didn’t I? That’s a word count staple. It airs in one month. I did already say that. No harm in grossly underestimating your readership’s capacity to retain a simple piece of information though, right? One month. Exactly one month.

January 23rd, 2020. That’s 31 days. One twelfth of an Earth year. More than 4 weeks less than 5. One month. 744 hours. That’s how long 31 days is. I hadn’t done the math either until this paragraph. See you tomorrow in exactly one month.