Several Star Trek Projects Have Reportedly Been Cancelled

Star trek Discovery

In early 2019, a Star Trek: Discovery spinoff for Michelle Yeoh’s Phillipa Georgiou was announced to be in development, titled Star Trek: Section 31. Since then, however, a separate DIS off-shoot, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, announced back in May, seems to have taken precedent while updates on S31 have been slim. So, is the show still alive behind the scenes, or has the plug been pulled?

Unfortunately, CBS has remained quiet on that front, but a new rumor points to Section 31 having been cancelled, as well as revealing what the premise would have been. Bear in mind that this supposed leak comes from 4Chan, so it could very easily be a load of hot air, but according to this anonymous tipster, the Yeoh show is officially “dead.”

A reason isn’t supplied, but the leaker claims that the series would have been a time travelling story set in contemporary times and featuring none other than Trek‘s most iconic villain ever. “Yeoh would have come back in time to the present-day to stop Khan from rising to power,” so the leaker puts it.

The same leak also reveals a bunch of other alleged spinoffs have likewise had development discontinued and will no longer be happening. Star Trek: Destiny, a title CBS trademarked last year, was apparently reworked into DIS season 3, hence that show’s sudden hop into the future. Another is Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, which would have starred a young Kirk.

The most eyebrow-raising of these, though, has to be Star Trek: Revolutions. Said to be Trek’s attempt to cash in on the superhero genre, it would’ve followed a Starfleet officer who bonds with a symbiotic being and develops heightened abilities. The protagonist would’ve been an LGBT woman, with Ruby Rose eyed. John De Lancie’s Q would’ve been involved, too.

Again, it’s up to you whether you decide to put any stock in all this, but let us know what you make of these latest Star Trek rumors in the comments section down below.