Watch: Anakin And Rex Are Cornered By Enemies In New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is now well underway, providing just as much action and emotion as fans came to expect of the series during its initial run. And to get folks excited for the next outing, a new clip has been released from the forthcoming episode “On the Wings of Keeradaks,” the third installment of a four-part story seeing the rescue of a clone trooper previously thought dead.

The trooper in question, Echo, was so nicknamed during training due to his tendency to repeat orders given to him, and was a member of Domino Squad, a mismatched group of clones the viewers followed for several episodes that portrayed the training and testing that new recruits underwent before being assigned military duties. Echo was believed to have died in season 3 episode “Counterattack,” the middle of a trio revolving around the rescue of a Jedi general from the Citadel, a prison designed to hold Dark Jedi that fell into Separatist hands. His supposed demise was one of many examples of the series’ ability to make you care about characters mere minutes after their introduction and become hopeful of their survival and it hurting when they didn’t make it.

This new clip sees Rex, Anakin and the Bad Batch trying to hold off an assault of battle droids as Echo is gradually detached from the cybernetic system to which he’s been connected, the inexorable advance of the mechanical enemies too much even for the specialized mutants to hold back, although a final moment sees the superhumanly strong Wrecker rip off the head of one of them. The episode title refers to the species of winged reptiles native to Skako Minor, so the action will likely see them escape the facility in which they’re trapped by using the creatures as flying mounts.

As this is the penultimate outing of this Clone Wars arc, the action and excitement is not over, with the final part likely seeing a counterattack against Wat Tambor and the Techno Union city, furthering the high stakes action and endangering characters that viewers have become invested in.