J.J. Abrams Has Discussed Doing An Alias Reboot


Director J.J. Abrams has long had a diverse range of credits to his name. Prior to his glitzy blockbuster reboots of Star Trek and Star Wars he was perhaps best known for his work on TV. And one of those small screen projects, the Jennifer Garner-fronted action thriller Alias, has apparently been floated by Abrams for a potential reboot.

At least, that’s according to his collaborator and editor Maryann Brandon. Speaking with Awards Daily, Brandon was effusive about any prospective reboot for the series, confirming that she and Abrams have discussed the possibility:

“We’ve talked about it. I’ve often asked him about it, and he’ll say, ‘Yeah, maybe.’ I have no insight whatsoever other than that. I mean, I love Jennifer Garner. She’s extremely good at what she does and so I would be happy if they did reboot it.”


Hm. Not the cast-iron vote of confidence for the chances of an Alias return you might have hoped for. How can I spin it in a fashion that lets on more than she’s saying, though? Well, all potential reboots begun their formative journeys as casual conversations between colleagues. This too could represent the first brick in the Alias Abrams 2020s Update Program Wall.

Too much of a stretch? Well, at least the fact that this conversation has taken place means the thought has crossed the minds of Alias’s key parties. That’s got to count for something, right? Actually, what am I saying? I’ve managed to stretch credibility even further. If we acted upon every thought that crossed our minds in a day the new murder rate would burst a hole in the sky. That’s just me? That is just me.

Swiftly moving on from those troubling implications and back to the place where there are essentially no implications, it’s definitely good to hear that the possibility of an Alias reboot has been discussed and should we hear anything else about it, we’ll be sure to let you know.