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‘Star Wars’ fans adamant ‘Andor’ debuted one of the franchise’s best-ever characters

Hands down one of the best new characters since the original trilogy.

Diego Luna and the cast of 'Andor'
Image via Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

The Andor season finale airs tomorrow, and it’s safe to say fans are hyped. The show has been treated as the second coming by the fanbase, many of whom seem outright bewildered that Star Wars is actually good again.

There are many reasons to praise Andor, from the beautiful cinematography, astonishing cast, strong thematic and political messaging, and excellent score. But, for many, there’s one character who stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Yup, we’re talking Stellan Skarsgård’s Luthen. This mysterious figure is at the heart of the Rebellion in its earliest days, covering his activities by posing as a dandyish antique dealer. But under the wig, he’s a ruthless and talented operative willing to do whatever it takes to hurt the Empire. Oh, and he might be a Jedi in hiding.

Luthen’s jaw-dropping monologue in episode 10 will likely go down as one of Andor‘s best moments, and fans are here for him:

But does Skarsgård ever miss in any role?

Others point to his secret identity, penchant for black capes, tricked-out ships, monologues about his inner darkness, and draw only one conclusion:

Is Luthen such a natural fit it’s like he’s been here all along?

And the evidence is stacking up that he has some kind of connection to the Jedi:

Perhaps this show should be retitled Luthen instead:

With Andor receiving near-universal praise, we’re expecting Disney and Lucasfilm to make a big awards season push. Here’s hoping Skarsgård gets some acting nominations, as he richly deserves recognition for making Luthen the single best new Star Wars character in years (if not decades).

The Andor season finale airs tomorrow on Disney Plus.

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