‘Star Wars’ fans debate whether animated series ‘Resistance’ is unfairly criticized

Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars has built up a solid pedigree in 3D animation. After a rough start, The Clone Wars rapidly became a great watch, with sequel show Rebels picking up the baton and running with it. The Bad Batch also impressed, and its second season will air on Disney Plus later this year. And then there’s Star Wars: Resistance.

Set before and during the events of the sequel trilogy, the show follows a Republic X-Wing pilot recruited to spy on the First Order. The first season begins six months before The Force Awakens, while the second takes place in the aftermath of The Last Jedi and builds towards The Rise of Skywalker.

Despite positive reviews, fans criticized its tone, animation style, and lack of important connections to the sequel trilogy story. But is it time for a re-evaluation? Some fans on r/StarWars think it’s unfairly criticized:

Despite this positivity, the vast majority of replies are that Resistance has the reputation it deserves. Even those who “watch everything Star Wars” couldn’t make it more than a few episodes in, with the “insufferable” characters and “boring” plots singled out.

Others say that the show may simply have needed more time to mature. After all, it took a while for The Clone Wars to get good, so maybe a third season of Resistance would have been an improvement. The problem with that is the show’s story will very soon lead into The Rise of Skywalker, and Disney and Lucasfilm are very reluctant to allow any stories that take place after that.

Perhaps the light-hearted, sunny tone might appeal to some, but we have to agree that it’s definitely the most skippable of the CGI animated shows in the franchise. Perhaps one for completionists only?

Star Wars: Resistance is available to stream on Disney Plus.