Star Wars Fans Furious At Lack Of Disney Plus Day News, Reveals And Updates

Heading into Disney Plus Day, we were bombarded with rumors that all sorts of updates, announcements, images and footage from the platform’s in-development slate of Star Wars projects was incoming, but in the end fans were left feeling more disappointed and pissed off than anything else.

Supporters of a galaxy far, far away were expecting an Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer, Andor footage, perhaps a first look at The Mandalorian Season 3, production timelines and plot information for The Acolyte and so much more, but it would be fair to say what we ended up getting was subpar.

As you can see from the reactions below, Star Wars enthusiasts were mad as hell that Marvel Studios went all-out to cleave the internet in half with a slew of major announcements, while Lucasfilm were only willing to throw over some scraps for the fanbase to feed on.

Outside of Marvel and a couple of others, there was a general sense of confusion over Disney Plus Day at large. A lot of folks were expecting something more than a Twitter feed dropping nuggets of information, and the relative dearth of top-tier Star Wars content has left more than a few folks feeling completely and utterly underwhelmed.