Star Wars Rebels’ Follow-Up TV Show Will Be Revealed Soon


Fans have just one double-length series finale to go before Star Wars Rebels comes to an end for good. The adventures of Ezra Bridger and the crew of The Ghost have entertained lovers of that galaxy far, far away for four seasons, but now, showrunner Dave Filoni has decided to call time on the series – unlike his previous show The Clone Wars, which was cruelly curtailed by the network.

But Star Wars fans shouldn’t get too down, as we have it on good authority that an exciting follow-up to Rebels will be announced in the near future. Filoni was speaking to Animation Magazine when the topic of what lies next for the franchise on television came up. Obviously, he kept things vague, but the exec producer did casually mention that news would arrive “soon.”

“We have a lot of different ways to convey stories and we choose the best mediums and we are showing no sign of slowing, so the end of one thing always means the beginning of another, and soon people will learn what that other is.”

Filoni’s talk of picking the best mediums could be a hint at where the next Star Wars show will end up. Disney will be looking for new material to fill their streaming service when that arrives next year and expanding one of the biggest franchises on their hands would be a smart way of doing that. Reports have stated that at least one live-action and one animated series are in the midst of development, too.

Also, from the sounds of it, Filoni will still be involved with at least one of these new shows, which is only sensible considering how popular his work has been with the fandom to date. Rogue One even featured a bunch of easter eggs and callbacks to Rebels.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4

Filoni also opened up about his thoughts on bringing Rebels to a close. He revealed he’s “pretty satisfied” with what he and his team have delivered in the final episodes of the show and teases that he’s happy with how Ezra’s story will be wrapped up.

“I’m pretty satisfied. This is the first time I’ve been able to draw a series to a close in this manner. We had worked on different ways Clone Wars could end, but there’s a difference between having theories about how you would do something and actually executing it.

These last six episodes I think are among our best, which they should be. If we went back to the beginning, there are some things we would change and improve a bit, but all in all, I’m pretty pleased with it. We didn’t really leave much on the table either. There are always other stories you can tell, but I think for the story of Ezra Bridger it’s come through in a way that I’m happy with.”

Be sure to catch Star Wars Rebels‘ series finale next Monday, March 6th, on Disney XD.