Star Wars Rebels Sequel Series Reportedly Premiering In November

Star Wars Rebels Season 4
Image via Lucasfillm

Star Wars fans are gearing up for the arrival of the seventh and final season of The Clone Wars later this month, but that might not be the only new animated show set in a galaxy far, far away that we’re getting this year. January brought reports that Lucasfilm was developing a sequel series to Star Wars Rebelswhich it was said could be with us in winter 2020. And the latest report on it narrows things down to a specific month.

Kessel Run Transmissions’ Noah Outlaw was the one to previously bring us that winter release date news and now he’s saying that the Rebels sequel will actually debut in November. As he pointed out, this means that it’ll release just a month after The Mandalorian season 2, meaning we’ll get weekly episodes of both shows simultaneously for a while. For Marvel fans, WandaVision then arrives on Disney Plus in December. So, those last three months of the year will be big ones for the streaming service.

Rebels ended with a flash-forward to the end of the Original Trilogy, leaving Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren embarking on a mission to the Unknown Regions in a bid to find the missing Ezra Bridger. The sequel show is due to see them succeed in their quest, with Bridger again set to be a major player in the series. In a shocking twist, though, reports say he’ll have formed an alliance with former enemy Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn’s Force-Sensitive niece will be an important character, too.

The Star Wars Rebels sequel series has yet to be officially announced, hence why we don’t have a title, but Lucasfilm is hard at work on it behind the scenes. If a November air date is accurate, then we should get some proper news and maybe even a trailer for it around the summer, probably at Comic-Con. In the meantime, The Clone Wars season 7 kicks off on Disney Plus from February 21st.