You Can Watch The Premiere Of Star Wars Resistance Season 2 For Free Right Now


2019 continues to be a banner year for all things Star Wars. And things are fast approaching the big climax.

We are, of course, referring to The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm and J.J. Abrams’ festive treat that’s all set to conclude the Skywalker Saga. But there are still one or two Star Wars projects along the way.

Next month signals the premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+, while the Mouse House has just unveiled the second season of Star Wars Resistance, the star-studded animated series in which Kaz and his allies rise up against the First Order. It’s a delightful adventure set against that famous far-away galaxy, and if you’re curious as to what Resistance is all about, we’re pleased to report that season 2’s debut episode, “Into the Unknown,” is now available to watch for free on YouTube.

Here’s the official logline, courtesy of Disney:

Following their battle with the First Order, Kaz and his friends hope to reach the Resistance base on D’Qar. But the Colossus has suffered damage, and there may be other threats lurking in the shadows…

Next week’s episode, meanwhile, is titled “A Quick Salvage Run,” which is sure to evoke memories of the iconic Han Solo. The galaxy’s greatest smuggler doesn’t feature in Resistance, sadly, but Disney’s animated gem does include big cameos from a number of fan-favorites, chief among them being Oscar Isaac’s X-Wing pilot, Poe Dameron. General Leia Organa and BB-8 have also featured, too.

Future episodes of Star Wars Resistance are expected to air Sunday evenings at 6pm ET/PT on Disney XD (or 10pm ET/PT on Disney Channel), lending you plenty of material to fill that Star Wars void until the inevitable arrival of The Rise of Skywalker.