Star Wars Fans Aren’t Happy About Baby Nut And Baby Yoda Comparisons


Aside from the game itself, the Super Bowl typically offers its screen audience some fantastic entertainment. It’s this captivating TV sensation that produces some of the most entertaining commercials all year. And the big game certainly delivered a lot of fan service this time around.

For instance, Jeep rehashed a concept that worked out quite well for the company a few years back, when they got Jeff Goldblum for their ad which referenced his character from Jurassic Park. This year, Jeep employed the same recipe, acquiring Bill Murray for their commercial, where he reprised his renowned Groundhog Day role.

Meanwhile, Walmart got its inaugural Super Bowl ad this year, too, and it was a total conglomeration of pop culture icons including characters from franchises like Star Trek, Men in Black, The LEGO Movie, Bill & Ted and others – even Mars Attacks! was featured.

Among all the highlights though, one particular ad has quickly become controversial. Planters’ Super Bowl commercial showed us the funeral of the recently-deceased Mr. Peanut, during which a baby nut spontaneously sprouts from the ground.

If you’ll recall, earlier this month, Mr. Peanut died while sacrificing his life in another Planters ad. The official Planters Twitter page confirmed the character’s death and the Twitterverse, in turn, mourned the loss of the beloved icon. However, in an ingenious execution of marketing and social media branding, the company’s Super Bowl commercial provided a cute replacement for the late Mr. Peanut. It’s kind of like Spock dying in Wrath of Khan and then being reborn and maturing in The Search for Spock.

The response from the previous mourners has primarily been a joyous one. But that’s not what’s made the ad controversial. In rapid response, Twitter users drew a comparison and rivalry between the newborn Baby Nut and the famous Baby Yoda. It now seems that the two are doomed to compete with each other in regards to their cuteness.

Yes, Planters’ hottest new commodity, no sooner having been born, is already being put up against the seasoned champ Baby Yoda, currently the pride and joy of the Star Wars franchise. And here’s where it gets messy. Some folks think it’s only right that Baby Yoda has finally been challenged by another adorable poster child, while others have simply become aggravated by the comparison.

See below for but a sampling of what folks are saying over on Twitter:

As you can see, this has brought on a bunch of emotions from Star Wars fans and and Super Bowl viewers alike. Baby Nut is fresh and hasn’t been bogged down by as much social media – yet. But Baby Yoda is ready to fight, it seems, and he’s not going to give up the crown that easily.

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