New Star Wars Theory Says Mace Windu Will Return In The Mandalorian


Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ahsoka Tano in the upcoming episode of The Mandalorian, but some of them think that the title of the next chapter might be in reference to someone else.

Jon Favreau’s sci-fi series, chronicling the life of the bounty hunter Din Djarin and his sidekick Baby Yoda, is no stranger to surprises and twist revelations. Even the very existence of The Child was a well kept secret until the pilot episode premiered late last year. As such, a lot of fans are theorizing that Chapter 13, titled “The Jedi,” is not simply about Ahsoka, but rather an unexpected character.

As you may know, Snips renounced the Jedi Order a long time ago. Even in Rebels, the former Padawan makes it pretty clear that she’s no longer a Jedi, nor does she wish to be known as one. So, it seems odd that they would choose that specific title for this week’s episode. In fact, some folks are speculating that the Jedi in question could be Luke Skywalker, who at the time The Mandalorian takes place is traversing the galaxy looking for ancient artifacts.

Another crazy theory, though, that’s getting a lot of traction, details the return of Mace Windu after his death in Revenge of the Sith. Of course, there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that such a plan to resurrect Samuel L. Jackson’s character is in motion, but fans have campaigned for years to see him return in some capacity.

If anything, we know that Jedi are immune to fall damage, so it could very well be that a disfigured Mace Windu found a way to land on his feet and survive the ordeal. As for his chopped hand, well, it’s not the first time that a character in Star Wars has lost a limb.

As MovieWeb explains:

The latest fan theory believes Mace Windu landed on his feet and soon after went into hiding, fighting the Empire from the shadows. Some believe he did this under the disguise of a Mandalorian’s helmet. Which isn’t going to make Mando very happy. It is believed that the fate of Baby Yoda, officially known as The Child, is intertwined with Mace Windu’s life after Revenge of the Sith, and both Samuel L. Jackson and George Lucas claim that Mace did live. The theory believes that it will be Mace Windu that unlocks the Child’s full potential.

It’s as unlikely and strange as fan theories get nowadays, but if there’s anything that The Mandalorian has proved, it’s that Favreau isn’t afraid of taking bold measures to make sure that the show meets the high level of expectations placed upon it.

Source: MovieWeb

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