New Mandalorian Theory Explains How Luke Skywalker Could Appear


So far, The Mandalorian has largely operated in a separate corner of the Star Wars universe from the movies and previous TV shows, taking place in a very familiar and recognizable world but telling a standalone story. That’s all slowly changing with season 2, though, as next week’s introduction of Ahsoka Tano will bring the Disney Plus series even closer in line with the animated canon following Katee Sackhoff’s appearance as Bo-Katan.

Not only that, but “The Siege” has also sent shockwaves throughout the fanbase after appearing to confirm that the remnants of the Empire want Baby Yoda for the high amount of midi-chlorians in his blood, while the testing facility on Nevarro has led to widespread speculation that The Mandalorian is set to tie directly into the events of the Sequel Trilogy and connect to both Supreme Leader Snoke and Emperor Palpatine.

You don’t get Sith without the Jedi being too far behind, and as well as Ahsoka’s arrival, a new fan theory is now claiming that there’s a logical storyline reason for Luke Skywalker to show up in The Mandalorian as well. You see, Ahsoka could travel to Dagobah with Mando and The Child in an attempt to locate Yoda, only to discover that he’s dead and Luke has taken his place as the planet’s resident swamp-dwelling sage.

As MovieWeb explains:

“When Mando meets Ahsoka Tano, she will take him to Dagobah, believing Master Yoda is still alive. After arriving on the planet, which hasn’t been seen on screen since Return of the Jedi in 1983, they will discover Yoda is dead after running into Luke Skywalker. The theory goes onto say that Luke may help Ahsoka in training The Child in the ways of the force while giving Mando pointers on defeating Moff Gideon.”

Of course, Ahsoka and Luke have plenty of indirect history after she served as his father’s Padawan during The Clone Wars, but one obvious drawback is that The Mandalorian takes place just five years after Return of the Jedi, and Mark Hamill would need to be significantly de-aged if he were to appear. Then again, the Sequel Trilogy didn’t have a problem utilizing the technology. In any case, we’ve heard on a few occasions now that Mando could go hunting for Luke Skywalker in a future season of the show, so there might actually be some weight to this particular theory.