Star Wars: Underworld TV Show Would Have Given Us A Han Solo Backstory


When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, it also purchased the rights to hundreds of unmade scripts and outlines that were once to be a live-action television show typically known as Star Wars: Underworld. Within those scripts, we now hear that there was a lot of work on the Han Solo backstory.

The info comes to us courtesy of writer Stephen Scaia, who was involved with the scripts for Star Wars: Underworld and is now part of a Kickstarter campaign aimed at launching at least one episode of an Indiana Jones spinoff series. Scaia revealed (via /Film) that a number of the stories in Star Wars: Underworld involved Han Solo’s origins, including his first meeting with Chewbacca and winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando.

An interesting little tidbit, perhaps, from the annals of a show unlikely to ever be made. Given that Disney does not seem to be interested in augmenting their resurrection of the Star Wars franchise with a live-action show – although that can always change – we can presume that most of the Star Wars: Underworld scripts will never see the light of a film set. However, it is an intriguing prospect that there’s already some Han Solo scripts floating around in the Disney vaults. As Han is one of the major characters who might be in line for an origin story film, is it possible that some of the Star Wars: Underworld info will rise again? Who knows. I never thought we’d see another Star Wars film period, and yet here we are.

Of course, there is also the chance that Disney might already be getting ahead of itself. We have yet to see the next installment of the Star Wars film franchise, and yet the powers that be are already planning more films, spinoffs, and even animated shows. Let’s see what happens when Episode VII comes out next year, and then go from there.

Source: /Film