Stargirl Renewed For Season 2, Moving Exclusively To The CW

Image via DC

Today brings some mixed news for DC fans. The good news is that Stargirl has officially been renewed for a second season, even though it’s only halfway through its debut run. The bad news is that this announcement is another sign that the DC Universe streaming service is on its last legs, as the show is moving exclusively to The CW from season 2 onwards.

Stargirl season 1, featuring Brec Bassinger as vigilante teen Courtney Whitmore, airs on both DC Universe and the network, with episodes debuting weekly on the service before being broadcast on The CW the following evening. According to the news of its renewal this afternoon, however, the series’ only home from now on will be The CW.

This follows other DC Universe original content being shifted elsewhere by WB. Doom Patrol season 2 is going up simultaneously on DCU and HBO Max with the first two seasons of Harley Quinn also due to hop over to the latter service. To date, Titans can only be found on DC Universe, but the site won’t be able to survive on one exclusive series alone. It surely won’t be long until it’s officially axed. Maybe the announcement will come as soon as this August’s DC FanDome?


On the brighter side, Stargirl moving over to The CW could be a good thing in terms of crossovers with the Arrowverse. Bassinger’s voiced her interest in teaming up with Supergirl before now, for instance. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” established that Stargirl lives on Earth-2 not Earth-Prime, but the multiverse is bound to be in danger again at some point, so it’s not out of the question that Courtney could meet the Justice League.

Be sure to catch Stargirl weekly on DC Universe and The CW. Episode 1×08, “Shiv, Part Two,” just landed on the streaming service today.