Stargirl TV Series Will Reportedly Feature Original Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps

Although DC Universe’s reputation has been damaged by its handling of Swamp Thing, most people are in agreement that the shows themselves are pretty great. One of the more anticipated upcoming series on the platform is Stargirl, which is being written and produced by Geoff Johns. And according to an insider on the Stargirl Facebook group, the new show will include Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.

The rumored casting ties into Stargirl’s relationship to the Justice Society of America, the forerunners to the Justice League. In the show, Brec Bassinger plays Courtney Whitmore, a high school sophomore who joins with other young heroes to fight villains from the past. Whitmore takes on the mantle of Stargirl after discovering a cosmic staff and her stepfather’s role as sidekick to superhero Starman.

Casting so far includes Joel McHale as Starman, as well as Lou Ferrigno, Jr. as Hourman, Brian Stapf as Wildcat, Henry Thomas as Doctor Mid-Nite, and Luke Wilson as Stripe. Furthermore, we’ll be seeing villains such as Joy Osmanski’s Tigress, Neil Hopkins as Sportsmaster, and Nelson Lee as Dragon King.

Adding Alan Scott’s Green Lantern to the mix makes sense, as he was one of the founders of the Justice Society during DC’s Golden Age in the 1940s. Scott was later replaced by Hal Jordan in 1959, who has been the main Green Lantern for much of the comics and other media adaptations of the character. Most notably, this included the much-derided Ryan Reynolds-starring Green Lantern movie.

Stargirl is now in production and should hit DC Universe (or whatever service is available by then) in 2020. We’re certainly keen to see a show dedicated to the rich history of the Justice Society, and hopefully something in line with the comedic tone of Legends of Tomorrow.