Stephen Amell Is Losing Sleep Over Arrow Season 8


Production on Arrows eighth and final season is underway, and star Stephen Amell is teasing that The CW’s last run will offer something really special for fans of the Emerald Archer’s adventures. In fact, the actor is so buzzed about filming this week that he’s losing sleep over it.

Bright and early on Monday morning, Amell tweeted that he anticipated not getting much sleep that night as what tomorrow (so today, Tuesday) offered promised to be, in his colorful words, “pretty f***ing cool.”

The star previously low-key told us that the ball had started rolling on season 8 with a selfie of himself in a shirt that he said he’d been wearing to work since the early days of season 1. At the time, it seemed Amell was getting pretty sad about his Arrowverse journey coming to an end, so it’s good to know that he’s having a whale of a time bringing his last few episodes as Oliver Queen to life.

We’ve no idea what exactly the actor’s so excited to shoot, but it could involve reuniting with a couple of old co-stars. We recently learned that two dead characters will be brought back in unexpected ways in the show’s final run. Namely, Colin Donnell’s Tommy Merlyn and Josh Segarra’s Adrian Chase/Prometheus.

One way for them to return could be as doppelgangers of their old characters from another Earth out there in the multiverse. The season 7 finale did tease that Ollie would be crossing dimensions as he was last seen being taken through a portal by the Monitor. The Monitor, of course, also spilled the beans that the hero is set to die in the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover.

In any case, more details, as well as the first trailer, on Arrow season 8 will hopefully come our way this weekend, thanks to the Arrowverse coverage at San Diego Comic-Con, so be sure to stay tuned.