Stephen Amell Compares Arrow Season 8 To Game Of Thrones

Arrow season 8

Can you only handle one long-running show ending with its eighth season in 2019? Well, tough luck, ‘cos Game of Thrones will be joined by Arrow later this year in that oddly specific category. But will the final run of the Emerald Archer’s adventures be comparable to the climax of the HBO series in any way? Will it have just as dark and controversial an ending as Thrones, or will it offer up a happier conclusion?

That’s what star Stephen Amell was asked at Comic-Con last weekend, and his initial comments are probably the opposite of what fans were hoping to hear. The Oliver Queen actor said he loved GoT‘s last season and joked that if everyone hates the Arrow series finale, they’ll have done it right.

“I’m the wrong person to answer this question because I loved the last season of Game of Thrones. If you all hate our finale, I’ll know we have done a good job.”

In all seriousness, though, Amell went on to say that he thinks Arrow could be described as having a happy ending.

“No, [producer] Marc [Guggenheim] and I were talking earlier. Arrow has a happy ending. You know that I tell you guys what happens on the show and I tell you in plain sight and you just don’t hear me.”

Well, this is more reassuring. Even if we don’t see how it can be true, seeing as the Green Arrow was confirmed to die in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover back in the season 7 finale of Arrow. The Monitor explicitly stated that Oliver wouldn’t make it out of the multiversal mayhem alive. But then again, when’s the timeline ever stuck as it’s supposed to in the Arrowverse? I mean, what’s to say that the hero won’t change his fate and get that happy ending that Amell’s teasing?

Hey, we can dream can’t we?