Stephen Amell Teases Arrow Return Following Dexter Revival


Although it’s only been nine months since we said goodbye to Oliver Queen and Arrow, such has been the gruelling nature of 2020 that the events of January now feel like they took place years ago. The finale was intended as a fitting conclusion to the story of the Green Arrow, but the surprise renewal of Dexter for a limited series has now sparked the possibility of the show coming back at some point.

Dexter is a darkly comic drama about a serial killer who murders to satiate the violent impulses that plague him, but to remain on the right side of morality, he only targets other murderers. The series overall was most notable for two things: a distinct fluctuation in quality between each season where he went up against another cunning killer, and one of the worst finales ever committed to television, which saw Dexter’s life crumble around him before he ends up living anonymously in the wilderness working as a lumberjack. Believe me, as ridiculous as that sounds, it was even more stupid to watch.

It seemed like, if not in any way a good stopping point, it was at least an absolute one, making the revival that much more of a surprise. And in response to the news, Stephen Amell tweeted a simple reaction, but one with a clear message.

It was Amell himself who decided that his time as the Emerald Archer needed to come to an end, as even though he’s superhumanly athletic, gradually aging meant that he couldn’t keep putting his body through the punishment required to maintain such a physique. The finale of Arrow was similarly terminal, seeing Oliver die (twice), using the nigh-omnipotent powers of the Spectre to reboot the universe and going on to an afterlife paradise with Felicity. Despite the finality, though, it need not be the end of his adventures.

While resurrecting Oliver is likely out of the question as that would rob the events of “Crisis On Infinite Earth” of their emotional impact, there’s certainly potential in him returning as the Spirit of Vengeance should some cosmic force emerge to threaten his friends that’s too powerful for them to overcome alone, or if Barry’s habit of screwing up the timeline requires his intervention.

It’s always been apparent that Amell has a great deal of affection for his time on Arrow and an equal level of esteem for its loyal fanbase, so his declaration of being open to returning to the role in some capacity, however many years down the line, is doubtless genuine. We can only hope that if and when it happens, it will be afforded the respect and consideration it deserves.