The 10 Most Controversial TV Finales Ever

It’s often said not to judge a TV show by its pilot episode, as those are notoriously difficult to get right. However, at the other end of the process, a finale is probably even harder to write. By that point, you have a whole series that’s depending on you not screwing things up. It’s not surprising, then, that so many popular shows have delivered hugely controversial conclusions over the years.

Let’s look at a recent example. Twin Peaks returned after a quarter of a century back in the spring and delivered a fittingly surreal follow-up to the 1990s cult favourite. Its finale, which could be the end of this show, naturally left viewers at a loss of what to make of it all. Still, most fans agreed that the crazy conclusion was the best way for the series to bow out.

Not all TV finales are so lucky, though. Some are so divisive that they’re still being discussed years after the show bowed off the air. Take the following ten, for instance, which we’ve named the most controversial finales in TV history.

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