Stephen Amell Reacts To Emily Bett Rickards Leaving Arrow


Earlier today, Emily Bett Rickards shocked the internet when she announced that she’d be leaving Arrow after the show’s current season. Given the trajectory that the Arrowverse is on right now, perhaps the news actually shouldn’t have been so surprising, but either way, it’s all that people are talking about tonight – and understandably so.

After all, Rickards’ Felicity Smoak is a true fan favorite and has been around since Arrow‘s humble beginnings, before it spawned an entire shared universe for The CW. So, it’s not hard to see why the fandom is quite shaken right now. But what does star Stephen Amell think of the actress’ departure?

Well, he hasn’t issued any sort of statement just yet, but did share the following photo on Twitter shortly after Rickards made her announcement. Without any caption or text, it’s hard to tell exactly what he may be thinking, but he’s likely just staying silent for the moment so as not to steal too much of the spotlight away from his co-star.

Of course, Felicity leaving at the end of this season throws up a lot of questions, not least of which being how the producers will handle her exit and when will it happen? And will she go off quietly into the sunset, or does some kind of grim fate await her?

Time will tell, but whatever it is they’ve got in store for us, imaging Arrow without Emily Bett Rickards is a tough thing to do given how integral she is to the show and we can only hope that The CW gives her the sendoff she deserves. Because if they don’t, you can bet that the fans will be up in arms, and rightfully so.