Emily Bett Rickards Announces That She’s Leaving Arrow


It’s all change when it comes to Hollywood’s realm of TV superheroes.

Aside from Disney and Marvel putting an end to their slate of Netflix shows, The CW announced a few weeks ago that, much like Game of Thrones, Arrow‘s eighth season will also be its final one. It’s an announcement that sent shockwaves throughout the internet, and understandably so, with lead star Stephen Amell saying that while the show’s had “one hell of a run,” it’s always better to go out on a high note, and we couldn’t agree more.

But now Arrow fans are receiving even more upsetting news, as Emily Bett Rickards has announced that she’s leaving the show after the current season and won’t stick around until the end. The actress who’s played Felicity Smoak on the series since its debut in 2012 took to Instagram earlier today to reveal the shocking news, saying the following:

The time has come to talk of many memes. Of bows and arrows and superheroes and Olicity and Queens
And why TGA is so damn hot
And yes, canaries need more scenes… But wait just one minute
before we go and do all that
For this makes me out of breath
To have this not small chat

Felicity and I
are a very tight two
But after one through seven
we will be saying goodbye to you

I thank you all for the time we’ve shared
The elevators we have climbed
The monsters we have faced and scared
And The burgers we have dined
I will keep her in my heart for always
And I hope that you can too
Because she would not be alive if it weren’t for all of you


Felicity and Me

It’s an odd way to make such an earth-shattering announcement, but the message is clear, Felicity will not return for Arrow season 8, and given that she’s been around since the start, that’s something which will obviously upset many, many fans. Unfortunately, we don’t have any additional details on why exactly the actress is departing, but we’re sure that more will come to light soon.

What’s also unclear is how Felicity will be written out of Arrow. Or even when she’ll say her goodbyes. Will it be in the finale? Before then? As soon as the next episode? So many questions and so few answers. But with the news now out there and fans beginning to voice their concerns, we imagine The CW will provide more clarity shortly. As always, stay tuned.