Arrow Fans Are Devastated That The Show’s Been Cancelled


Tonight brought the announcement that Arrow is ending after eight seasons. The writing’s been on the wall for the show for a while, and our own sources and others had suggested it was going to come to a close, but it’s still a big deal to have it officially confirmed. The Emerald Archer’s solo series is the father of The CW’s ever-growing DC TV universe and, even if its peak is behind it, it’s sad to see it go.

As you can imagine, fans are emotional wrecks right now, following star Stephen Amell’s tweet earlier today that revealed the news. The actor also confirmed that season 8 would only be 10 episodes long, which means that the show will end in time for the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event this fall. Could this mean that Oliver Queen will die, as was hinted in “Elseworlds” last December? It’s possible.

Fans are already starting to think about everything they’ll miss about Arrow though once it’s not on our screens for the first time since 2012 and below, you’ll find a pretty accurate list of what most people will be missing.

Another fan, meanwhile, summed up all our conflicted feelings about the cancellation by saying that the show might have rubbed us up the wrong way a few times over the years with certain character arcs and storylines but boy, are we gonna miss it.

On the bright side, we know for certain that the Arrowverse as a whole isn’t ending. So maybe Arrow‘s cancellation could mean some exciting new doors will open. A Canary team-up spinoff, anyone?

On the other hand, some felt the cancellation was overdue and are ready for The Flash to meet the same fate as Arrow. 

It’s safe to say that most are cut up over the news, though. Arrow‘s a show that means a great deal to many fans and the confirmation that it’s soon to be over has hit people pretty hard.

For the time being. we’ve still got a lot of Arrow season 7 left to go, and after that, fans at least have the summer to prepare themselves for the Green Arrow’s last stand.