Stephen Amell Reiterates Lack Of Plans For His Green Arrow To Join DC Films Universe


Arrow star Willa Holland recently expressed her displeasure at the divide between the DC Films and TV Universes, and now Stephen Amell has somewhat more diplomatically addressed his possible future on the big screen as Oliver Queen. As of right now, the big and small screen DC Comics adaptations exist in very separate worlds, but could that change?

Asked in a recent interview about the possibility of Green Arrow joining the Justice League, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows star said:

“I’ve spoken with people within DC and they’ve said there’s no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe, but things change.”

That’s hardly a surprise (Zack Snyder said during the press tour for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that no crossovers are in the works), but there is still a chance that Amell could play Green Arrow in a movie; while it wouldn’t necessarily be set in the DC Films Universe, the actor was asked about bringing Oliver’s journey to an end in a big screen finale.

“Well, it has become easier to take properties on television and turn them into films. But I don’t know, those are things that exist outside [of my control].”

It’s hard to say how likely that is, but with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl now all on The CW, it’s easy to imagine some sort of movie featuring those heroes coming together. For now, though, Warner Bros. likely wants to keep things separate and concentrate on getting the DC Films slate in order after the mixed response to Batman V Superman.