Stephen Amell responds to ‘Peacemaker’ Green Arrow reference

Green Arrow DCEU

DCEU fans have spent years waiting for Green Arrow to be made official canon, but it would be an understatement to say that confirmation of Oliver Queen’s existence in the shared universe didn’t happen the way anyone was expecting.

In the final episode of Peacemaker, the billionaire business magnate became the latest target of Christopher Smith’s ire, being described as a “dude [who] goes to Brony conventions dressed as the back half of Twilight Sparkle with a hole drilled in the back of the costume”, which was corroborated by John Economos.

As you can imagine, Stephen Amell’s Twitter blew up in the aftermath, and he responded in kind by admitting he hadn’t seen the exchange in question as of yet, but he did find the time to take a shot at John Cena.

Of course, Amell’s wrestling drama Heels was recently renewed for a second season on Starz, and Cena is far and away the biggest star to emerge from the industry in the last two decades, so it’s a funny coincidence that the latter name-dropped a character that’s comfortably the most well-known role of the former’s career.

On the plus side, Green Arrow is now part of DCEU continuity, even if his attendance at Brony conventions remains up for debate given Peacemaker’s love of a far-fetched superhero story.

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