How Stephen Amell Could Return As Green Arrow In The Future


The eighth and final season of Arrow concluded with Oliver Queen making the ultimate sacrifice to save the world and rebirth the multiverse.

Over the past year, though, a lot of fans have been wondering about whether The CW would ask Stephen Amell back as the Green Arrow of Star City. Of course, the cosmic entities now know him as Spectre, a being of immense power who resides in an alternate dimension, the world that Felicity went to at the end of the story.

Since the actor himself has repeatedly expressed interest in reprising his role, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the network might bring him back again, especially for their annual crossover events. But how could a return for Oliver Queen look?

Well, both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have made use of time travel as a narrative device. The latter even visited an alternate Earth where Oliver had retired after failing to save the city. Sara went to that dimension during “Crisis on Infinite Earths” as well, encouraging the Green Arrow and letting him know that he’s “a good man on every Earth.” Retrieving that Ollie for a world-threatening event seems viable, but it’s not the only option for The CW.

Another possible way to go about it is to bring a version of the Green Arrow to 2040. There, he could work in tandem with his daughter Mia to save Star City from whatever threat lies ahead.

But beyond that, the producers can also resurrect the character in the form of Spectre, perhaps to help or guide the newly formed Justice League on Earth-Prime against a formidable adversary. It’d make sense, too, since the Monitor made it perfectly clear that Oliver Queen wasn’t exactly there, and hence could be reunited with Felicity.

Tell us, though, would you want to see Stephen Amell return in the future of the Arrowverse? Sound off below with your thoughts.