Stephen Amell Shares New Look At Green Arrow’s Season 8 Costume

Arrow season 8

Just when we thought the costume originally introduced during Arrow‘s fifth season would hang around for yet another year – bam! – Entertainment Weekly arrives just in time to confirm that, yes, Oliver Queen will don one more custom made leather suit before calling it quits.

If you’ve really taken the time to notice, then you’ve been able to discern that Ollie’s new getup is an amalgamation of his previous looks, which is actually quite fitting for a sendoff. The show’s eighth and final season looks to play on our nostalgia, therefore it makes sense to do so in this regard as well.

Offering one of our best looks yet is that of Stephen Amell himself, who posted the photo found below on Facebook. Though it may be candid, seeing it in broad daylight allows for us to really take in all the details. Furthermore, there’s some side by side comparison, as the following caption pointed out:

“Season 8 suit on the left.
Season 1 suit on the right.”

What’s also worth noting about this image is that Amell is wearing the hood up this time around. In the aforementioned photo shoot with Entertainment Weekly, he wore the hood down for each picture. Here, we can see the hood is as wide and floppy as it’d been for seasons 1-3, yet it has those black flourishes native to seasons 4-7.

Suffice it to say, I’m looking forward to seeing Stephen kicking ass while wearing his new suit during the final 10 episodes to air. In fact, I’m already contemplating laying down some money when replicas are made available for purchase online.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.