Stephen Amell Shares New Photo From Arrow’s Nude Prison Fight


Not long ago, we learned that the seventh season of Arrow will push the boundaries of what The CW’s censors will allow, but we didn’t really get any specifics. I mean, there were also hints being dropped regarding it being the darkest season to air since the first, though you can never be too sure until it’s actually showtime.

More recently, a fifteen second clip featuring a nude Oliver Queen kicking somebody else’s ass while he’s still in the process of showering surfaced online. Obviously, outing yourself as the Green Arrow before checking into such a highly secure prison is a great way to paint a target on your back, so it stands to reason that our hero doesn’t enjoy moments of rest all that often these days.

Staying on that odd topic, lead actor Stephen Amell took it upon himself to Tweet out a still image from said scene this week, and it can be viewed below. Captioned with “Don’t skip leg day,” it’s once again apparent that the man bringing the Emerald Archer to life each week hasn’t slacked when it comes to training in the gym.

Like many of you, I’ve come to admire Amell for being authentic as possible, as it’s known that he’ll do his own stunts, fight scenes and displays of parkour. Of course, he can’t do them all because everyone has their limits and there’s the insurance stuff to consider, but the guy’s the real deal.

Beyond this, we’re told to expect an all-male pillow fight (?) in episode 7, which we assume could be in prison as well. Given recent hints that Amell may play Ollie’s doppelganger in the “Elseworlds” crossover event, it’s very possible that he’ll be staying in the clink longer than any of us had assumed.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.