Stephen Amell Teases Colton Haynes’ Return To Arrow


One thing I’ve long admired about The CW is that it’s had a knack for assembling great ensemble casts, no matter what series it may be for. And most fortunate for us superhero fans, the trend continued with Arrow and its subsequent sister shows, especially when it came to sidekicks and other masked crimefighters who are there to orbit the titular heroes.

A prime example of this would be that of Roy Harper, played by fan favorite actor Colton Haynes. Originally introduced in the back half of Arrow season 1, we saw this young man organically develop and eventually blossom into the hero known as Arsenal in season 3, with one badass costume to boot.

Really, I’m wondering if his threads were part of the reason Oliver upgraded his suit in season 4. After all, you can’t have your sidekicks looking cooler than you, now can you?

But, as fate would have it, Haynes wanted to move onto other projects as actors sometimes wish to, and an exit was plotted for him late in season 3. As you may recall, he publicly took the fall for Oliver Queen by saying that he was the original Arrow before faking his own death. In the time since, we’ve seen him come back for a guest shot, but he’s remained in the hearts and minds of Arrowverse junkies everywhere.

Truth be told, Roy was a prime candidate of ours when it came to who would be Earth-X’s Prometheus, but that turned out to be Tommy Merlyn. Granted, we knew that Haynes would be returning at some point this year, but it wasn’t made clear in what capacity.

Luckily, Stephen Amell posted the above teaser on his Facebook page showing Oliver sharing a scene with the Roy we’ve come to know. Now, it may be taken from a previously aired episode, but Amell said that he was filming episode 6×13 in a recent Facebook Live video, thus making it possible that the reunion is just around the corner. In other words, get excited.

Arrow returns with new outings on Thursday, January 18 on The CW. Will you be tuning in? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below!