Stephen Amell Teases Green Arrow’s Classic Look For Legends Of Tomorrow

Green Arrow

Some time ago, Arrow star Stephen Amell went on a bit of a Twitter rant in regards to his version of Oliver Queen never getting the iconic (but somewhat rather silly) goatee that his comic book counterpart is so well-known for.

Based on recent Tweets from both him and the cast of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow though, it now appears as if we’ll be seeing that classic version of Green Arrow courtesy of some time travel.


The whole thing started when Caity Lotz sent out some Tweets indicating that we’ll be seeing Oliver as an older man in the spinoff, and now Amell definitely appears to have confirmed that. Here’s what he said on Twitter earlier today:

“Went on a tongue in cheek tirade earlier this year about Green Arrow iconography / how it fit into our show. Proud to say it only took 3-ish months to make myself look like a total idiot. The point being… You want to avoid the term “that will NEVER happen” under any and all circumstances.”

What he originally said in regards to Green Arrow’s goatee is as follows:

“100% no. Never. Our show could go 14 seasons and a goatee will never appear. Hope that clears things up. Forever.”

Seeing a future version of Green Arrow is going to be a lot of fun for fans, and is pretty much exactly why a show like Legends of Tomorrow should exist in the first place. We certainly have high hopes for the spinoff, and now that we know we’ll be seeing the classic version of Amell’s character, we can’t wait to see how he factors into things.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on The CW in January 2016. Will you be tuning in? Let us know down below.