Stephen Amell Teases Return Of Season 4’s Green Arrow Costume


Although The CW’s lineup of DC TV shows has been known for its stellar costumes, I firmly believe that it’s Oliver Queen who has set the bar when it comes to sheer badassery. Having worn essentially the same costume throughout the first three seasons of Arrow (with some minor alterations here and there), it wasn’t until the fourth season that he received a generous upgrade.

When that time came around, his suit became much more stylized and tactical, with short sleeves and gauntlets marking the biggest visual changes. Actually, the costume he’s worn for seasons 5 and 6 is pretty much the same, only with long sleeves.

Interestingly enough, actor Stephen Amell recently posted a cryptic teaser over on Twitter, captioning the following image with “suit still fits.”

As you can see, he’s back in the season 4 costume for some reason unknown to us at this time. But, if you’ll recall, episode 6×18 is said to be quite Oliver-centric, so maybe we’ll see some flashbacks to the time of season 4, perhaps even detailing Ricardo Diaz’s vendetta against him.

Of course, both the short and long-sleeved looks have their supporters, with the former even having considerable influence on the character’s current look in the comic books. And while it remains to be seen if Ollie is merely dusting off those threads and wearing them in the present, we’re still going with flashbacks as our best educated guess.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Thursday, March 1st on The CW.

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