FX Adapting Stephen King’s Carrie As Limited Series, May Star Trans Actress


Quick, name the biggest property about a telekinetic teen who accidentally/purposefully murders her entire high school at prom with her mind/hormones. Psyche, it’s Carrie! Gotcha. Why am I bringing up Stephen King’s first book ever and one of Brian De Palma’s best films in apropos of nothing? Because it’s now set to receive a TV adaptation from the good and reliable folks over at FX.

There’s no talent attached behind or in front of the camera yet, but Collider’s sources confirm that FX and MGM Television have agreed to a limited-run series following the psychic teen’s exploits. There are also rumors that this time around, Carrie White may not be so white, and will most likely be played by a trans actress or person of color. That’s not confirmed, however, but would make sense in the current climate. King’s work is rife with metaphor, after all, and there are plenty of sociocultural undercurrents ripe for the picking in the original story.

In any case, FX has been knocking it out of the park with their other limited series, like the American Crime Story shows that have been racking up Emmys like my treadmill racks up dust. I hear Feud is great, too. It’s nice to see Sam Rockwell not playing a despicable racist for once. Remember when he was comic relief? Those were the good old days.

Carrie Stephen King

But I digress. Personally, I think a new Carrie ain’t a bad idea at all. I wonder if they’ll modernize it though or keep its 70’s aesthetic. That 2013 remake (yeah, it’s been that long) starring Hit Girl wasn’t very good at all. Actually, any follow-up or sequel or weird musical version of Carrie has kinda tanked, so maybe a move to a new medium is the best choice outside of, you know, not remaking a thing. But, we’re in a major King Boon Era right now, so who knows?

Since we’re getting a Carrie show though, along with The Stand, which is coming out eventually and The Outsider, which is coming to HBO real soon, do you think there are any other King properties that could use a TV adaptation right about now? Comment below and share your thoughts!

Source: Collider