Stephen Rider Joins Season 2 Of Daredevil In A Key Recurring Role

Blake Tower

Marvel and Netflix have been fleshing out Luke Cage‘s cast a lot lately, but now, a surprising addition has been made to the second season of Daredevil. The show is currently shooting in New York City, and while we’ve yet to hear anything about Bullseye (a role that Jason Statham was at one point rumoured to be in the running for), notable characters added to the series have so far included Elodie Yung’s Elektra and Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher.

Unlike those two, Blake Tower probably isn’t a name anywhere near as instantly familiar. He’ll be played by Stephen Rider (Lee Daniels’ The Butler), and is described as a District Attorney for New York City who helps Charlie Cox’s Daredevil – a lawyer in his civilian identity as Matt Murdock – with information to help track down and capture criminals. That pretty much matches up with the comic book version of the character.


In those stories, Tower played a minor role in many of Daredevil’s adventures, including the bizarre crossover tale which saw him spend time with spoon bender Uri Geller. He’s also been featured in stories revolving around Captain America, Misty Knight, and She-Hulk, and this casting appears to confirm that we’ll be spending more time with Matt Murdock in the courtroom in season two of Daredevil.

That was an element that was sorely missing from most of the first batch of episodes, so it should be interesting to see what the character brings to the table.

Source: Deadline