Steve Burton officially leaves ‘General Hospital’ to mixed reactions

General Hospital is a long-running soap opera with a fan base more significant than some might imagine. The series has been a hit since April 1, 1963, and doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. As many know, with soap operas, there are often cast changes via new characters or new actors portraying beloved characters and the kind of storylines that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams.

That’s sort of the appeal of soaps, and General Hospital does it right. Steve Burton has been a member of the cast for 30 years as Jason Morgan, but it looks like his time on the series has officially come to an end. Fans were speculating about the loss of Morgan for weeks, and Burton decided to answer some of the pressing questions they had.

Burton took to Instagram to set the rumors straight himself and shared a bit more about what’s going on with his character at General Hospital.

Fans have taken to social media with reactions regarding Burton’s departure from General Hospital, and there are some very mixed reactions about the loss of his character. Some fans can’t imagine the series without him, while others say that he’s as good as gone to them forever if he can’t comply with mandates on set.

Some fans have mentioned that soap operas recast often and that Jason could come back played by another actor. Other fans hope that if Burton is gone for good, so is Morgan. They don’t like the idea of someone else playing the character.

Are you a General Hospital fan? What do you think about the loss of Jason Morgan? Let’s talk about it.